Meeting Bravinci, the game changers in BI consultancy

Author: Giuseppina Schiavone

Last week, together with Klarissa Loke Sue-Yi, mentor at TechLabs, I visited Bravinci‘s office in Utrecht.

Bravinci is a consultancy company founded in 2021 by a group of talented professionals, with longlife experience in recognized consultancy firms. Bravinci supports small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in their digital transformation. Their business intelligence (BI) services allow businesses to focus on their core value proposition while leaving to Bravinci‘s consultants the management and operation of data applications.

Michael Doves and his colleagues, Shiva Gopalakrishnan, Anton van Vliet and Codrin Kruijne, gave a detailed introduction into the Bravinci way and their vision to change the world of BI consulting. Their 10-year ambition is to become an international player in the field of Intelligence & Automation, through continuous optimization & continuous adaptation.

What I liked about Bravinci is the transparency with which they communicated and shared their business model and code of conduct, with clear win-win opportunities for all stakeholders, particularly with respect to financial aspects, usually not so transparent for employees in big organizations!

I appreciate the work of Bravinci, especially in this post-pandemic period of Great Resignation or Great Attrition ( as renamed in a McKinsey & Company’s report), Bravinci offers opportunities for professionals that are looking for new ways of working together where recognition, sense of purpose, flexibility, connectivity and cooperation are valued together with work-life balance and remuneration.

I see commonalities between Bravinci and SAAC: our passion for delivering data-driven solutions, our motivation to bring SMEs up to speed with the digital transformation and help them to keep innovative and competitive in a dynamic and fast moving market, our attention to deliver quality solutions and knowledge to our clients, our drive for equality, fairness and diversity. Even more relevant for my perspective, I see complementarities: SAAC has a particular focus on sustainability reporting and strategies, helping organizations to become more transparent and accountable through data exploitation, our core specialty is data science and we aim at helping clients to organically embeds our solutions in their organizational workflow; Bravinci offers a wider set of data-related expertise and spans across topics with attention to effectiveness and efficiency, intelligence and automation, they aim at continuous clients’ support with particular attention to deployment and mantainance. I am looking forward to working together!

If you are interested to know more about Bravinci get in contact with Michael Doves, Bravinci is internationally oriented and is looking to expand and open up everywhere!

We rise by lifting others

– Robert Ingersoll