Data Valorization
For Sustainable Development

Which data do you need to lead sustainable economy?
How do you create value from data?
How do you demonstrate transparency and accountability?

About SAAC

SAAC is an independent consultancy specialized in data analytics for sustainable development.

At SAAC, we help small to medium profit organizations, startup scalers and NGOs to valorize data for environmental, social and governance analysis, strategy and investment. We are a trusted knowledge and service provider that guides organizations to formulate and reach sustainability goals through the strategic exploitation of data.

The MISSION of SAAC is to facilitate organizations’ transparency and accountability.

SAAC complies with the EU Green Deal goal to make Europe the first climate neutral continent by building clean and prosperous economy, more inclusive, green and responsible.


Measuring, Monitoring, Reporting, Strategy, Innovation, Impact, Research, Training

Reporting Sustainability Data

Data-Driven Sustainability

Sustainability Analytics Training
and Research

What's your sustainability data challenge?

Become the best business partner

As SME, you are facing the 3C (Cost, Complexity, Competing Priority) predicament of digital and sustainable transformation. Which cost-effective solution best suits your needs, which data infrastructures and competences are required for it?

Boost investors' confidence

As startup, you have successfully validated your value proposition and you are ready to scaleup your business. Why should you integrate sustainability practices into core operations and strategy now? How can data help you doing it?

Master leadership through data-driven communication

As NGO, you want to carry the sustainability leadership and need to get facts right to design more inclusive policies. How do you navigate through the world of big data and AI?

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