Renovated partnership with TechLabs Rotterdam in 2023

Author: Giuseppina Schiavone

SAAC’s mission is to facilitate organizations’ transparency and accountability through strategic exploitation of data and advanced analytics.

As part of our services portfolio (i) we help organizations setting up the appropriate data architecture and data models for compliance with European Sustainability Reporting Standards and Sustainable Development Goals, (ii) we advise on Data-Driven Sustainability Strategies and (iii) we offer training & research on sustainability analytics.

As Founder of SAAC, I consider the partnership with TechLabs Rotterdam of enormous value for the following reasons:

  • TechLabs Rotterdam serves as stage to boost SAAC’s visibility towards our stakeholders. For example, this year TechLabs Rotterdam and CIC hosted and supported SAAC’s first workshop series on “Data and AI for Sustainable Logistics” for professionals in the logistics sector.
  • Getting involved in the digital shaper program as digital product owner allowed to testbench and explore technical and business feasibility of innovative digital projects. For example, last year, in the digital shaper program 2022-2023 a team of data science techies helped to develop SAAC’s first demonstrator of the Top of Mind Dashboard, a dashboard for visualizing companies social and public impact metrics, generated from the analysis of publicly available data. As part of our effort to make organization more accountable, I was glad to present the demonstrator, in the poster session of the 9th International Conference of the Physical Internet, June 13-15, 2023, Athens, Greece
  • Getting involved in data science mentorship throughout the blended learning program makes SAAC an active contributor to the increase of global digital literacy. For example, last year, among others, SAAC delivered a free dedicated hands-on workshop on “responsible python-based web scraping” which was highly appreciated by the techies involved in the dashboard project. Moreover, a project closure survey, filled out by the techies, showed how they felt empowered with new skillset and knowledge acquired throughout the project, opening new opportunities for them in the digital labor market.

Also this year, SAAC renewed its partnership with TechLabs Rotterdam and is involved in the digital shaper program 2023-2024 through data-science mentorship and digital products ownership. Together with TechLabs Rotterdam Volunteering team are working on a couple of projects, which we believe could be attractive for the new techies across tracks (data science, deep learning, web dev and UI/UX design), one aims at promoting accountability and supporting sustainable finance and concerns the prototyping of a data-space infrastructure, the other aims at facilitating the understanding of the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and European Sustainability Reporting Standards through a conversational AI chatbot.

We are looking forwards to get started!

GET IN CONTACT if you are interested in getting involved as additional sponsor/tester/user for our advanced data analytics demostrators!