There are multiple pathways for sustainable development. We help you find yours.

Reporting of Sustainability Data

Data-Driven Sustainability

Sustainability Analytics Training
and Research

Reporting of Sustainability Data

     We help you find the answers.
  • Which data to collect: which internal organization data and external data
  • How to collect data: which sources, which technology, which infrastructure
  • How to process data: data quality assessment, data modeling, insights generation
  • How to validate data and insights: compliance with legislations, assessment of fairness principles, access to network of independent auditors
  • How to and to whom report sustainability data: stakeholder’s analysis, visualization and reporting, continuous monitoring
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Data-Driven Sustainability Strategies

     We support your journey into sustainable development.

  • How to generate new values and services from sustainability data beyond sustainability reporting: formulate and evaluate of multi-purpose data-facilitated business models
  • How to design, integrate and monitor sustainability practices into organization operations through data analytics

Sustainability Analytics Training and Research

     We provide the knowledge.
  • What is sustainability analytics, who is using it, why and how, where is the gain?
  • On-demand training and research on sustainability analytics in specific sector, for specific use cases
  • On-demand training and research on Fairness and Ethics in AI systems for Corporate Social Responsibility 

Operational Model

SAAC builds upon transparency, traceability and quality of operations.
We use an hexagon operational model to maximize your return-of-investment.


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