Partnership with NL AIC

Author: Giuseppina Schiavone

On the 22nd of February 2023, SAAC joined De Nederlandse AI Coalitie (NL AIC), the Dutch AI Coalition. Through the NL AIC, we expect to develop interesting and innovative cooperations with other players in sustainability analytics, thereby helping organizations to become more sustainable and compliant to the European legislations on Sustainability Reporting.

In a first 3-month exploration period we will join the working groups: Data Sharing and Human Capital, and the application areas: Transport and Logistics, Energy and Sustainability, Education.

The Dutch AI Coalition

The Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) is a public-private partnership in which government, industry, educational and research institutions and civil society organizations work together. The coalition aims to stimulate, support and where necessary organize Dutch activities in AI. The NL AIC wants to put the Netherlands in a vanguard position in the field of knowledge and application of AI for prosperity and well-being. The NL AIC function as the catalyst for AI applications in the Netherlands.

De Nederlandse AI Coalitie

De Nederlandse AI Coalitie (NL AIC) is een publiek-private samenwerking, waarbij overheid, bedrijfsleven, onderwijs- en onderzoeksinstellingen en maatschappelijke organisaties samenwerken. De coalitie heeft als doel de Nederlandse activiteiten in AI te stimuleren, te ondersteunen en waar nodig te organiseren. Ze wil Nederland in een voorhoedepositie krijgen op het gebied van kennis én toepassing van AI voor welvaart en welzijn. De NL AIC moet gaan functioneren als dé katalysator van AI-toepassingen in de Nederland.