Renovated partnership with TechLabs Rotterdam in 2023

Author: Giuseppina Schiavone SAAC’s mission is to facilitate organizations’ transparency and accountability through strategic exploitation of data and advanced analytics. As part of our services portfolio (i) we help organizations setting up the appropriate data architecture and data models for compliance with European Sustainability Reporting Standards and Sustainable Development Goals, (ii) we advise on Data-Driven […]

Topsector Logistiek Festival at the Feyenoord Stadium, De Kuip

Author: Giuseppina Schiavone On Monday afternoon, the 11th of September 2023, my first time at the Feijenoord de Kuip Stadion and it was not for a football match but for the Topsector Logistiek Festival, organized by Topsector Logistiek and TKI DINALOG . The festival covered several topics such as energy transition, resilience and predictability, people, […]

AI in Logistics: meeting player organizations in the Netherlands

Author: Giuseppina Schiavone On the 2nd of February 2023, I’ve joined the event ‘Artificial Intelligence en logistiek: kansen en mogelijkheden’ (Artificial Intelligence in logistics: chances and opportunities) at the High Tech Campus (HTC) Eindoven, Netherlands. Being sustainable logistics a focused sector for SAAC, participating to this event was particularly relevant to get to know players organizations […]

SAAC meets the Entrepreneurship Club Polimi Italy

Author: Giuseppina Schiavone I was glad to accept the invitation of Andreea Moga to give a talk for the community of students of the Enterpreneurship Club Polimi and introduce them to SAAC mission of helping companies in demonstrating transparency and accountability through the strategic use of data. The gathering took place at the CIC Rotterdam […]

Partnership with TechLabs Rotterdam

Author: Giuseppina Schiavone TechLabs is non-profit organization started in 2017 in Münster, Germany, and currently having multiple locations across the globe. TechLabs represents both a learning platform and a tech community, its objective is to fastening the acquisition of digital technology skills to stay creative and prepared in a job market where individuals could be soon displaced […]

Responsible AI talks

Author: Giuseppina Schiavone At weeks before the start, Andreea Moga invited me and other members of TechLabs Rotterdam (Morraya Benhammou, Marvin Kunz, Rosaline Pahud de Mortanges, Paulo Mota, Gaspard Bos) to attend the World Summit AI 2022. My attendance to the summit has been incredibly insightful. The program included several tracks and workshops: innovation in […]